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Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad

 The mornings arrive with a crisp chilly air. When we leave the house a warm jacket is needed, sometimes gloves and hats too. If is not raining, and often it isn’t, we enjoy a brisk walk with our faces cold. Nature is always in full mode no matter what the day brings. Winter birds are busy flying […]

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A Garden Tale and… Veggie-Stuffed Eggplant

He looked around and couldn’t believe what was seeing. How could this be? It’s so big! It’s unstoppable! Behind him, children was chasing each other and playing happily, indifferent to his reaction. The soil under his feet was dry, thirsty for water that was taking too long to arrive. The sun was claiming his neck […]

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Eggless Carrot Cake with Apricot Cream Cheese Frosting

Today I received a happy e-mail from my cousin in Portugal. My grandmother is turning 100 years by the end of December and that’s certainly the perfect reason to celebrate a life. One hundred! I’m delighted with the news. She is my only grandparent alive and the only great-grandmother to my daughter and to my […]

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Olive Spread

Lately I haven’t been in a writing mode. Well, probably you noticed already since my posts are showing up with more temporal spacing between them. First it was due to the pregnancy fatigue but now I’m feeling a little better. However something has changed in this space of time. All the turmoil that is going […]

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Lima Beans Salad

Commonly, this salad is made with black-eyed peas. Corn is not usually part of it. Sometimes is served together with tuna. Normally it is pretty good. This time was different. I guess I was craving that black-eyed peas salad for lunch. But black-eyed peas were nowhere to be seen in the pantry. Not to mention […]

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Basil and Garlic Knots

Hello Summer! Nice to see you again. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that I’m missing Spring already. I love the fine breeze and especially the warm weather and Spring usually gives me that. But you, Summer, arriving full of heat, are a little too much uncomfortable to stay outside longer than two minutes. Suddenly, […]

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Spinach and Tomato Phyllo Tarts

What? It is almost Summer but not yet? I feel like we are in the middle of August. Especially today, it is very hot outside, one of those days, when the sea is so glassy that it looks like a huge lake. The temperature rises 95 F (35 C), though it feels way above 100 […]

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Vegetarian Basmati Rice

My daughter loves rice. Probably inherited that from my side of the family, we definitely are rice eaters. A fact that is certainly due to growing up in a rice production country. Daily used, this grain is a king ingredient in any Lusitanian kitchen and no doubt that Portugal is the biggest consumer in the […]

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Cucumber-Tomato-Carrot-Pecan Salad

If you look around my food posts, easily you’ll notice that many of them fall into the dessert tag. A tag bigger than the vegetarian one. Oh my, you may start to think that I eat sweets all the time. It’s a fact that I like desserts, a good chocolate, some homemade deliciousness. But naturally […]

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Tomato Rice

I was planning to be in Portugal this Easter. For a variety of reasons I had to delay my trip. When I was breaking the news to my parents, whom have been anxiously waiting for the visit, my mom remind me: “I still have the tomatoes your uncle brought to us a while ago. I […]

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