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Sunny Summer

Have you been outside today? It’s a sunny day around here! So, wherever you are, here’s a beauty sunflower to light up your day. Do me a favor and make it a great one!

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Hurricane Irene on a Florida Beach

The first hurricane threat of the season, Irene, luckily stayed offshore of the east coast of Florida. Not so fortunate were Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Turks and Caicos islands. Ahead of us, there is an extraordinary threat from North Carolina to the mid-Atlantic to the Northeast and New England. This includes Norfolk, […]

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Butterfly Rainforest

Hundreds of exotic butterflies. A tropical garden of luscious plants and trees. The relaxing sound of little cascades and a lake featuring some fishes and turtles. Are you feeling the gentle spring breeze in your face? Come with me into this vibrant Butterfly Rainforest. It happened one recent Sunday. Through the walking path, we experienced […]

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These Are the Days of Our Lives

We’ve been spending the mornings at the beach. The weather is greetings us with sunshine and warm temperatures and we’re welcoming the outdoors. This is, in my opinion, the best time of the year to enjoy the Florida coastline, before it starts to get a little to hot to handle the outside temperature for too […]

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A Day at the Zoo

These parrots are sharing secrets. “Hey, do you know we are at a zoo?” “What’s a zoo?” “It’s a nice place where some animals live and are observed and fed by humans.” “Ah, ok, let’s go visit.” “Ahem, ok, but you know we are animals too, right? Let me repeat that for you pretty parrot… […]

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The Elegant Giraffe

Last weekend we went to the Zoo and I’ll be posting about that day here soon. Today I’m featuring the tallest animal we’ve seen there. The giraffe is elegant and very polite. If not being entertained, this animal might check what a piece of wood tastes like. Other than that, giraffes love cookies. Go blame […]

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Of All Corners of the World*

The sea. Deep, strong and yet peaceful. This is the place where we live. I mean, from where we live we face the ocean. Reformulating, this is the view we see from our place. We often walk on the beach. Pick up shells. Watch the birds. The birds at the beach. The birds watching the […]

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Let it Snow

The white. The green. The brown. The grey. The red. The cold transparent water flow. The bright light. The untouched achromatic fluffiness on a clear blue sky.   Dark days of Winter? Doesn’t seem so. Within this mountain travel, There was nothing better than… Color me some snow!   Photos: Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

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This is my favorite photo from last week’s vacation. The horse is absolutely portentous, statuesque, magnificent. It is surely the ultimate punctum of this captured moment, as defined by Roland Barthes in his “Camera Lucida”. The colors are very autumnal, full of brown details, from the horse, the field and the naked branches of the […]

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Merritt Island Mango

Last weekend I was wanting to go to Cocoa Beach Farmers Market. I saw online the website about Brevard Farmers Market and so I thought Sunday was a good day to go check it out. To tell you the truth I had great expectations about this, I was even dreaming about a place like the […]

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