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Amelia Bedelia’s Blueberry Muffins

Let me start saying that I don’t really know Amelia Bedelia’s blueberry muffins recipe. By the way, do you know who is Amelia Bedelia? She’s currently a favorite at our house. We’ve been reading all her books (children books, age range 4-8) every night at story time and giggling until our belly hurts. This funny literal-minded girl, […]

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A Special Birthday at Disney

It was last Saturday. Two years have gone since I’ve seen those sweet eyes for the first time. Wide open eyes since her first contact with the world. Blue bright with interminable lashes looking at me and daddy. Inevitable memorable moments. My first child, a daughter that changed my life forever, in an awesome way. […]

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Butterfly Rainforest

Hundreds of exotic butterflies. A tropical garden of luscious plants and trees. The relaxing sound of little cascades and a lake featuring some fishes and turtles. Are you feeling the gentle spring breeze in your face? Come with me into this vibrant Butterfly Rainforest. It happened one recent Sunday. Through the walking path, we experienced […]

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A Day at the Zoo

These parrots are sharing secrets. “Hey, do you know we are at a zoo?” “What’s a zoo?” “It’s a nice place where some animals live and are observed and fed by humans.” “Ah, ok, let’s go visit.” “Ahem, ok, but you know we are animals too, right? Let me repeat that for you pretty parrot… […]

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The Elegant Giraffe

Last weekend we went to the Zoo and I’ll be posting about that day here soon. Today I’m featuring the tallest animal we’ve seen there. The giraffe is elegant and very polite. If not being entertained, this animal might check what a piece of wood tastes like. Other than that, giraffes love cookies. Go blame […]

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