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Pão de Deus – Sweet Bread

Pão de Deus can be translated into “God’s Bread”. It is a brioche-kind of soft roll with a coconut topping just lightly sweetened and toasted in the oven. Sublime and heavenly are good words to describe it. Part of the Portuguese rich cuisine, any bakery in the country offer this delicacy from North to South. […]

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Piña Colada

Welcome to my redesigned blog! I finally got my own domain name (woohoo!!!) and for the past week I imported all the content of the Wordflux blog into this new Delicious Wordflux. Everyone who has been through this process knows what I’m talking about. I bought a theme, actually I got three so anytime I […]

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Crustless Coconut Pie

As easy as pie. Pleasant and nice. Yellow and white. And so, I made two of them. One for us, other to take away when visiting the in-laws the past weekend. Easter time, softly appropriate dessert. One disappeared within hours; the other… well, it only lasted longer because it was saved for the trip. Someone […]

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Best Banana Pie With Nutella

Lovers of banana pie unite! If you happen to not fall into this category, I assure you are about to change your mind forever after trying this luscious extra creamy melting pie. I warned you! With that being said, I confess this is a secret recipe very well-kept in my family. The filling is very […]

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Chickpea Curry on Coconut Basmati Rice

I was doing some research other day because I wanted to make my own curry mix and this captured my attention:  “The Portuguese importation of the chilli pepper from Brazil and their mixing of other Asian spices enabled the development of ‘curi’. The Indian curry dish ‘Vindaloo’, from Goa, is a contraction of the Portuguese […]

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