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Sunny Summer

Have you been outside today? It’s a sunny day around here! So, wherever you are, here’s a beauty sunflower to light up your day. Do me a favor and make it a great one!

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5 things I like about Santa Rosa

The Portuguese newspaper Publico published a small article in their weekend magazine Fugas featuring my five favorite things about Santa Rosa CA. Here I leave you with the english version of my top choices. 1 . Quality of Life Santa Rosa provides the feeling of living in the country inside the city. The Mediterranean climate, similar to […]

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DIY Giant Ruler Growth Chart

When you have kids it’s almost mandatory to keep track of their growth through the years. Children get excited to check how much they’ve grown up and each time the parents mark their progress it’s easy to realize how fast they climb on that height. A couple of months goes by and boom, here goes […]

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Discovery’s Last Journey

After watching numerous shuttle launches from our house, it was a bit sad to experience Discovery’s last journey to its final destination, in Washington. Sad but exciting because that was quite the trip atop of a modified Boeing 747. Inevitably, I had to document the flight over the Space Coast for the last time. CNN iReport […]

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The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

One of these last weekends we visited the west coast of Florida, more precisely St. Petersburg. The Dali Museum was in our plan for a while since we heard it had opened in a brand new building in late January of the present year. The location could not be better, in downtown St. Petersburg with […]

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Delicious Wordflux Interviewed by Season with Spice

There are many valuable reasons for blogging. One of the greatest is to interact with people from all over the world. It’s an everyday learning process and an inspiration to discover new worlds. This crowd of people connects with each other and shares amazing stories and, in what concerns to food, welcomes the whole world […]

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Watching the Endeavour Launch… from the roof!

  We went to the roof to have a clear view of the Endeavour last voyage into the skies and beyond. We were following on NASA TV that everything was a go to the launch, so we decided to run upstairs just five minutes before. I drag the little girl literally from her sleep, and […]

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Orlando Weekend with Food Blog Forum

It was an exciting weekend full of positive energy. I’m very glad for the moment I’ve decided to join this full day event in Orlando, Florida. One of the best things about blogging is being part of a community that creates “magical moments” like this. And that was well-shown during the day: every single person […]

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These Are the Days of Our Lives

We’ve been spending the mornings at the beach. The weather is greetings us with sunshine and warm temperatures and we’re welcoming the outdoors. This is, in my opinion, the best time of the year to enjoy the Florida coastline, before it starts to get a little to hot to handle the outside temperature for too […]

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A Special Limoges Plate

I received this antique porcelain plate from my mother-in-law last weekend. It came together with other beautiful dinnerware it was offered to us, but today I’m featuring this Limoges. As you may know, Limoges is synonymous of high-quality decorated porcelain manufactured in the city with the same name located about 200 miles south of Paris. […]

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