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Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad

 The mornings arrive with a crisp chilly air. When we leave the house a warm jacket is needed, sometimes gloves and hats too. If is not raining, and often it isn’t, we enjoy a brisk walk with our faces cold. Nature is always in full mode no matter what the day brings. Winter birds are busy flying […]

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Olive Spread

Lately I haven’t been in a writing mode. Well, probably you noticed already since my posts are showing up with more temporal spacing between them. First it was due to the pregnancy fatigue but now I’m feeling a little better. However something has changed in this space of time. All the turmoil that is going […]

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Lima Beans Salad

Commonly, this salad is made with black-eyed peas. Corn is not usually part of it. Sometimes is served together with tuna. Normally it is pretty good. This time was different. I guess I was craving that black-eyed peas salad for lunch. But black-eyed peas were nowhere to be seen in the pantry. Not to mention […]

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Mangoland Series: Mango Salsa

This week I’m featuring another mango recipe with our juicy local mangoes. My daughter helped me to prepare this dish. If you ask her, she will name all the ingredients as she passes me each one: mango, pineapple, tomato, pepper, parsley, lime. Exactly like this, only in Portuguese. “Of course”, she would say, this time […]

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Lime-Lemon Sorbet

I know. It’s seems I’ve been a little absent these days. Can I excuse myself with the summertime slow down period? After all, isn’t August the prime time for vacation? It used to be, at least in Portugal where many companies and the Parliament closed for the month and will return in September together with […]

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Mangoland Series: Tropical Skewers

What a Summer it is! The thermometer in the balcony has just reached 114 F. It feels like someone turned on a sauna outside 24 hours a day. I’m certainly not a good Floridian on this, I just can’t stand this kind of heat. So, while I’m feeling uncomfortable breathing whenever I leave any air […]

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Mangoland Series: Mango Sorbet

These mangos are sold straight from the trees. Normally, the stands are set right under a shadow of a big mango tree, showing us the fruit hanging in all its splendor. That is one of the best things about buying local Merritt Island mangos. Therefore, they are well ripened and tasty, fruity and deliciously sweet. […]

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Vanilla Infused Strawberry Sorbet

I have a new photography assistant. New is the word! Or should I say young? Yes, she’s also very young but incredibly committed to her job. And even if I didn’t post about a job opening, she’d just showed up and offered to help. How good is that? Since she has demonstrated initiative, competence and […]

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Caipiroska Rhymes with Summer Nights

In honor of summertime I made a caipiroska. It’s a variation of the Brazilian cocktail caipirinha using vodka instead of cachaca. It is very popular during summer nights in Portugal, especially around the beach-side bars from North to South. Once during a vacation in the Barcelona coastline, me and a friend prepared both a caipirinha […]

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Vegetarian Basmati Rice

My daughter loves rice. Probably inherited that from my side of the family, we definitely are rice eaters. A fact that is certainly due to growing up in a rice production country. Daily used, this grain is a king ingredient in any Lusitanian kitchen and no doubt that Portugal is the biggest consumer in the […]

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