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Vegetarian Basmati Rice

My daughter loves rice. Probably inherited that from my side of the family, we definitely are rice eaters. A fact that is certainly due to growing up in a rice production country. Daily used, this grain is a king ingredient in any Lusitanian kitchen and no doubt that Portugal is the biggest consumer in the […]

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Tomato Rice

I was planning to be in Portugal this Easter. For a variety of reasons I had to delay my trip. When I was breaking the news to my parents, whom have been anxiously waiting for the visit, my mom remind me: “I still have the tomatoes your uncle brought to us a while ago. I […]

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Chickpea Curry on Coconut Basmati Rice

I was doing some research other day because I wanted to make my own curry mix and this captured my attention:  “The Portuguese importation of the chilli pepper from Brazil and their mixing of other Asian spices enabled the development of ‘curi’. The Indian curry dish ‘Vindaloo’, from Goa, is a contraction of the Portuguese […]

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First Meal of the Year…

It was not today’s lunch or I would be starving! So, this is a recap post about our New Year’s Day lunch. Good food yummy yummy! Let me introduce you to our dishes. The mandatory black eye peas for good luck… For which I prepared this onion-parsley salsa, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Collard […]

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Creamy Veggie Rice with Sausages

This is a quickie meal that can be made in 15 minutes. If you thought I was going to start this Food page with an extremely elaborate gourmet meal, I’m sorry to disappoint you. But, you know, many times the simplest things turned out to be the tastiest ones. This was the case when I […]

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