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Mangoland Series: Mango Ice-cream Pie

“Alright”, he said. “I can have a piece.” He was quite a bit distracted by whatever he was doing on his phone, while relaxing on the big brown couch in the office room, so he didn’t glance the plate I was offering until it was right in front of his eyes. I noticed his pupils […]

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Crustless Coconut Pie

As easy as pie. Pleasant and nice. Yellow and white. And so, I made two of them. One for us, other to take away when visiting the in-laws the past weekend. Easter time, softly appropriate dessert. One disappeared within hours; the other… well, it only lasted longer because it was saved for the trip. Someone […]

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Best Banana Pie With Nutella

Lovers of banana pie unite! If you happen to not fall into this category, I assure you are about to change your mind forever after trying this luscious extra creamy melting pie. I warned you! With that being said, I confess this is a secret recipe very well-kept in my family. The filling is very […]

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