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Salted Cod Pie with Cream

Somehow codfish and cream are meant to be together. Milk is known to make the fish softer, so cream must be the ultimate combination. Of course, we’re not talking light here, but who cares when the result is the smoother and the most succulent codfish dish ever? This creation combines the deliciousness of the salted […]

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Codfish Pie with Spinach (Empadão de Bacalhau com Espinafres)

Among the 1001 ways to prepare codfish, baking it as a ‘pie’ dish is a favorite at our house. The children love it and that includes an eleven month old who eats uncountable spoons of the recipe presented here. Cod is considered a light fish with white and flaky flesh rich in high-quality protein and […]

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Baked Salmon au Lime

During a recent interview for Season with Spice, one of the questions was related to my favorite food. Although I am mainly a vegetarian and eat fish occasionally (so, that would make me a pescatarian) the first dish that came into my mind was fish. Naturally, I’m biased for being from a country that has […]

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Salted Cod with Cream (Bacalhau com Natas)

Salted Cod or bacalhau is probably the most traditional ingredient you can find in Portugal, especially during holiday seasons. Considered a delicacy, there are 1001 ways to cook this dried and salted codfish, and everybody knows the best quality kind comes from Norway. Naturally, Portugal is the world biggest importer of the country’s national dish, […]

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Salmon in Coconut Milk with Sautee Vegetables

The weather started to get increasingly warmer during the last week and my husband is saying the Summer temperatures are here to stay. The Summer? But we’re not even in the Spring yet! I like the change of seasons to be smooth for an evolutionary adaptation. I guess my voice doesn’t count much to Mr. […]

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My Favorite Salad

This has been my favorite salad this Summer. The one I’m making over and over, changing this and that but the main ingredients are always the same. I love this combination! The salad is pretty simple, as most of the salads are and the ‘must’  here is the grilled fish. I like it with salmon […]

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Grilled Fish, Papa Style

On weekends I more or less take a vacation from the kitchen area. At least I try too… or I would like too. Have a break from the routine. Don’t take me wrong, I enjoy cooking, I like to reinvent recipes, follow ideas and make them my own. In a word, I do it my […]

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