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Homemade Chocolate Gift Idea

Looking for a last-minute gift for someone special? Or want to add some sweet treat for each family and friend on your holiday list? Make something everyone will enjoy, homemade with love. Unless someone is allergic to chocolate, this gift is surely a crowd pleaser, the perfect stocking size addition. This easy chocolate bark recipe […]

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Chocolate Crème Brûlée

If you are in the mood for chocolate, this is a dessert for you. It happens to me often and during pregnancy I found myself eating chocolate for breakfast. It was not as bad as you may think as it would normally consisted in this hot chocolate with just the right amount of dark chocolate […]

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Hot Chocolate with Greek Yogurt

Hot chocolate my way. Definition: creamy, thick and made with chocolate, not cocoa powder. The trick? Leave it on the heat until it starts to thicken. Real chocolate, the dark, and real milk, the whole. Healthy? Of course and one of the most popular food in its different shapes and flavors around the world. It […]

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Hazelnut-Cranberry Chocolate Bark

Christmas is only one week away. And nothing can spell Christmas better than chocolate. Well, besides all other treats, like King’s Cake or any traditional food common in your part of the world. And of course there’s Santa and the reindeers, the tree, the ornaments, the religious Nativity and so many other things. Depending on […]

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Triple Chocolate Olive Oil Brownies

What is your favorite chocolate dessert? If you ask my husband, the answer is shown in this post. We celebrated his birthday recently and I was wondering what special cake should I bake for him. I thought about the cake decoration, the frosting, the flavors, the candles, there were lots of ideas going on in […]

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Dark Chocolate Muffins with Dulce de Leche

  I love these muffins. They are truly delicious and, if I’m allowed to say, kind of healthy. You see, I used extra virgin olive oil to substitute butter which is an ingredient that I love to add on baking desserts, especially if it involves chocolate. Olive oil and chocolate are a perfect match, not […]

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Strawberry Cake with White Chocolate Chantilly

I hardly believe the weekend is already knocking on the door again. I’ve never seen a week fly away so fast as this one. The previous was a long weekend like I said in my last post. And I can’t wait for some relaxing moments of dolce fare niente. At least I’m hoping for it. […]

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Vanilla Ice-cream with Walnut Praline and Chocolate

It was a long weekend. We celebrated the birthday of two family members, two days in a row. These were days of cooking and baking in abundance. Days of savored meals paired with good wine, white and red. Days where dessert was synonyms of chocolate. Days where it seems we did a lot but there’s […]

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Chocolate Walnut Cake (gluten-free and low-sugar)

May is the month of Celiac Disease Awareness and I have to say that I’ve been eating more and more gluten-free meals these days. Not that I have celiac or was ever diagnosed with a gluten-intolerance condition but naturally I started to prefer gluten-free ingredients. But the main reason why I got interested to know […]

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Baileys Marbled Cheesecake

There was a time I used to travel to Ireland for a couple of days almost every week. Of course I didn’t have children by then and these trips were part of my job, sometimes even happening during weekends. During this period I was going one week to London and another to Dublin. I love […]

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