A little about @thatshowiroll:

I love to communicate with others.

Through the sections Travel and Life, you’ll look into my background existence, my memoirs, my traveling and my ventures. In a word, my look into the world, my world.

The Food section is where I share my recipes. Here you’ll find the influence of the Portuguese cuisine and my own experiments, as well as adaptations from delicious recipes from other identified foodies/chefs/cookers. At the end, cooking is an art in a constant recreation. I’m a vegetarian and occasionally fish eater. All my family meals are cooked from scratch. I privileged vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and nuts. I eat organic, local, seasonal and non-gmo as much as possible and I choose all ingredients carefully. You won’t find me cooking fast-food kind of meals, meaning I won’t be using ingredients full of unidentified processed weirdness. I always read the labels, but I tend not to buy processed food. Simple is a fine word to me, in all its senses.

I like sweets, especially involving chocolate. But be aware that you won’t see a recipe here built from a box. I’m a conscious eater and that reflects my background: my mother always cooks fresh meals from scratch. I grew up having regular meals, namely breakfast, an occasional mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Both lunch and dinner always started with a freshly made vegetable soup and then the main course. Now, having my own family, I try to keep those healthy habits for the well-being of all of us.

This is my website, my vision, my sharing stories. I hope you enjoy visiting, commenting and being part of my little corner of the Internet.

Teresa R. H.


Why Delicious Wordflux?

Wordflux is a whirlwind of verbal and visual communication, a place where the signifier (form of the word) and the signified (mental concept) encounter a new meaning. A look into life, travel and the semiotics of food as cultural dish.

Word – millions of ways to express thoughts, units of various languages, verbalize concepts, share facts, whisper ideas.

Flux – Latin for flow, moving in a continuous and smooth way.

Wordflux – a stream of successive ideas, the flow of thoughts, abundantly progressing freely, moving along constantly or in frequent change. Delicious Words in motion. Flowing with the wind…

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  1. Hey Teresa, glad to have come across your blog through Season with Spice. You have great photos, great recipes and great writing too! I’m so inspired to start cooking some of your dishes and experience Portugal through your cuisine. Thanks for sharing this wonderful all your stories, pictures and recipes with us!!

  2. Big smile, thank you Nash! :)

  3. anda at #

    Hi, your website is absolutely stunning! What are the other three languages you speak (beside Portuguese and English)? Also – very inspired website title.

    • Teresa at #

      Thank you Anda! The other languages are Spanish, French and Italian.

  4. Alexandra at #

    Muitos Parabéns, tens um blog com fotografias lindissimas, que dá vontade de comer directamente do ecra. Devo dizer que tens muitas receitas de inspiração tradicional portuguesa, que são fantasticas. Acho que continuas com as tuas raizes portuguesas muito presentes no teu dia a dia, ainda bem. É bonito de se ver alguem que se encontra tão longe (fisicamente) do nosso país mas ao mesmo tempo tão perto dele no coração.

    • Obrigada Alexandra! E tudo verdade, as raizes sao boas e recomendam-se e eu sou uma patriota incuravel. O nosso pais tem tantas qualidades fantasticas e unicas e sao essas que eu tento mostrar atraves da comida, da influencia que Portugal teve no mundo inteiro e atraves das minhas estorias pessoais. E bom saber que tambem sou lida desse lado. :)

  5. Dora at #

    Teresa, adoro este blog!! Vai passar a estar nas consultas diárias!! Beijos grandes

  6. Ze Pascoa at #

    Parabens pelo seu blog. Adorei tudo, mas particularmente a sua maneira de escrever. Ve-se bem que e uma pessoa aberta e culta. I particularly would like to congratulate you on your command and use of the English language. Very impressive. For a non native as I, it always impresses me that we in America use such diluted forms a verbal and written communication, We as a people,and particularly our children suffer for it. But then again, you are a polyglot, aren’t you?!

    • Ze Pascoa at #

      Blah, blah, blah, and look at all the punctuation errors I made. LOL!!!

  7. Lourdes Correia at #

    Hello Teresa,
    Thank you for sharing this cod com natas recipe . It was absolutely delicious!
    I love cod fish but only know a few portuguese recipes …. this will now be one of my favorites!!

    • Thank you for your kind words Lourdes! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope you keep coming back, thanks!

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