5 things I like about Santa Rosa

The Portuguese newspaper Publico published a small article in their weekend magazine Fugas featuring my five favorite things about Santa Rosa CA.

Here I leave you with the english version of my top choices.

1 . Quality of Life


Santa Rosa provides the feeling of living in the country inside the city. The Mediterranean climate, similar to the Portuguese, favors an outdoor lifestyle. Excellent choice for families, children (and adults) enjoy the imminent countryside when finding sheep, horses or cows in endless pastures within the city. Yet many urban options are present in this vibrant, comfortable and inviting atmosphere. And it’s located an hour away north of San Francisco, when you are in the mood to go to an outstanding exhibition or event, without having to face the typical daily traffic of a big city.



2. Gastronomy


For anyone concerned with healthy eating, this area is perfect. After all the ‘ foodie movement ‘ was born around these parts. Sustainable agriculture and an abundance of fruits and vegetables, as well as local olive oil, honey, tea, yogurt and cheeses are a few examples. Dining experiences are multiplied in the top-rated restaurants, many of them offering the concept ” farm to table “. Eating out is always a delicious adventure discovering new flavors. There are even some Portuguese restaurants, when we’re missing the taste of home.


3 . Wine Country


Sonoma County is in the world’s top 5 most popular destinations for wine. There are hundreds of wineries and as many award-winning wines thanks to the microclimate that distinguishes this area as one of the most diverse and special wine regions in the world. Wine enthusiasts find here lots of activities, including visits to renowned wineries and wine tasting events.


4 . Parks, Forests and the Pacific Coast


It is difficult to speak of Santa Rosa without addressing the landscape that surrounds it. One of the reasons for people to enjoy the outdoor living is the amount of natural parks inside and outside the city. Inside, our favorites are Annadel State Park and Howarth Park, with a large area for children. Another favorite is the Jack London State Historic Park, just minutes away. Breathtaking are the redwoods, the species that includes the tallest and oldest trees in the world. In Sonoma, we like to visit the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve. And it’s very nice to drive along the coast, about 30 minutes away, dramatic and scenic, with a mandatory stop in Bodega Bay, where Alfred Hitchcock filmed The Birds.




5 . Charles Schulz Museum


This is the museum from the creator of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the other Peanuts. This space holds the largest collection of originals of the famous cartoonist and features a relaxing indoor garden. The Summer School of the Museum is an unforgettable experience for many children. On the same campus is located the Snoopy ‘s Home Ice, where we can go ice skating, even when the sun is shinning outside. Around town we can also discover colorful street sculptures of the various Peanuts.



The original article, as seen in the magazine:


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