DIY Giant Ruler Growth Chart


When you have kids it’s almost mandatory to keep track of their growth through the years. Children get excited to check how much they’ve grown up and each time the parents mark their progress it’s easy to realize how fast they climb on that height. A couple of months goes by and boom, here goes another two inches. So, having a growth chart hanging somewhere makes totally sense and it’s very useful. Plus, that’s the best way to mark and visualize your child’s growth month by month through the years. So, get creative and engage the whole family into this project. If at least one child is old enough to do some crafts, it can be fun to let him or her participate in the process. Kids are easily motivated and it will make them proud to help in the creation of a family memory that can last forever. Together you are going to make a giant ruler that you can take with you anytime you need to move to a new house.

I’m listing the following materials needed to make this girly growth chart. Certainly, you can change colors, patterns and numbers to make your own style, for instance for a boy’s room. The options are endless. Some prices are approximate. Bonus: Probably you already have at home some of the materials listed.

  • 1 wood board 1″x8″x6″ (we got pine wood)   – $7
  • 1 sanding block and sandpaper – $5
  • 1 sample white paint  – $2.94
  • 1 sample hot pink paint  – $2.94
  • 1 sample sugar plum paint  – $2.94
  • 1 large paint brush  – $10
  • A set of thin brushes to do the decorations (we had a children’s set from IKEA that worked perfectly)  – $1.99
  • Numbers and shapes stencil set  – $6
  • Blue tape  – $5
  • Ruler  – $.68
  • Carpenters square  – $7.50
  • Sharpies (pink and purple)  – $2
  • Protective finish clear gloss  – $5
  • Creativity – FREE
  • Helping hands – FREE


Start by sanding your board a bit, just to smooth some imperfections. Apply two coats of the prime color of your choice, in this case white. After the two coats are completely dried, it’s time to make the hash marks. This is the most rigorous part of the project because you want that chart to be precise. Using the ruler as a guide, trace the hash marks, considering the board is to be hung six inches from the floor (to avoid the baseboard) and go from there. Then is comes the job for that blue tape: you’ll cover all the board leaving all inch and feet marks well lined to be painted after. The above and below pictures show this process.


Now with that board all protected by the tape it’s playtime baby! This is the part you can allow your child to have fun with her future growth chart. Enroll her in the task of painting the marks and be assured that will be an hour of entertainment guaranteed. We opted to alternate every feet between pink and purple, colors of my daughter’s choice that also matches her room decor. She used her own pencils bought from IKEA and was thrilled to be part of this creative task. After all the lines are dried the blue tape should be removed carefully.


Next, we securely display the numbers and decoration stencils and, with a sharpie pink or purple according to our design, delineate each stencil before filling them all with the paint. Allow to dry and remove the stencils. Apply one coat of protective finish and after dried sand it a little if needed.


Now it’s time to hung it and start measuring those growing kiddos! Don’t forget to hung it six inches from the floor. After I finished this board I had so many ideas to customize new growth charts rulers with different patterns and colors. It was really fun to do! We decided to put this one in the children’s playroom.

Enjoy and watch them grow!


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