Homemade Chocolate Gift Idea


Looking for a last-minute gift for someone special? Or want to add some sweet treat for each family and friend on your holiday list? Make something everyone will enjoy, homemade with love. Unless someone is allergic to chocolate, this gift is surely a crowd pleaser, the perfect stocking size addition.


This easy chocolate bark recipe is definitely a winner. Get the ingredients and directions from this post and make some tweaks if you like, for instance in the chocolate combination (whether you want it more milky or more dark) or in the toppings of your choice. I made two batches, as you can see in the upper pictures, and add to the original cranberry-hazelnut toppings some roasted pecans and almonds on a half-half combination of semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate. I like to spread the chocolate on a very thin layer, that will make it super fine and melt on your mouth kind. Just make sure you’ll keep it in the fridge until the time to give away or it will be more on the soft side (which is not necessarily bad either).

Then get some cellophane bags, colored or clear, add some stickers, make a pretty bow or insert a holiday-theme tag and there you go. You can handwrite the ingredients or even the recipe in the back of the tag with wishes of Happy Holidays and you have made a very special personalized gift. Add one to your own stocking, undoubtedly you will savor it at the right time.


Happy Holidays!

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