Discovery’s Last Journey


After watching numerous shuttle launches from our house, it was a bit sad to experience Discovery’s last journey to its final destination, in Washington. Sad but exciting because that was quite the trip atop of a modified Boeing 747. Inevitably, I had to document the flight over the Space Coast for the last time.

CNN iReport asked me to feature the photo above with a little quote from me, as part of their assignment “Space to Smithsonian: The shuttle’s final journey” and can be seen here.

CNN PRODUCER NOTE ‘Living in the Space Coast for the last two years, I experienced a few shuttle launches right from my balcony at the beach. It was an unique experience every single time. I couldn’t miss Discovery’s last journey to its final destination,’ said Teresa Ramoa-Harben. ‘It was awesome to see this unusual ride on top of a jet [and] a bit sad to bid farewell to the Discovery…NASA is a technology incubator for scientific endeavors on Earth as well.’
– rachel8, CNN iReport producer


These two photos were also approved to be published by CNN as part of the same assignment.


Farewell Discovery! Yours was definitively a great journey and you conquered your place in history!

Now NASA is on its way to a new era in American Space Flight. I can’t wait to find out more about what’s in store.

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