A Special Birthday at Disney

It was last Saturday. Two years have gone since I’ve seen those sweet eyes for the first time. Wide open eyes since her first contact with the world. Blue bright with interminable lashes looking at me and daddy. Inevitable memorable moments. My first child, a daughter that changed my life forever, in an awesome way. A day doesn’t go by without her putting a smile on my face, making me laugh and be happy. A spontaneous gig, a new word or sentence learned, some comical face expressions, a funny pose or interaction purposely to pull a laugh. That’s my girl.

How magical it is to have those little arms around my neck, giving me infinite kisses all day long, before and after any task or simply because she wants to. It’s so rewarding to lay with her at night for bedtime story, turning the pages of the book herself while I read and she points what I’m talking about in the drawings. After reading we talk about our day and I like to see her face looking at me, smiling, listening and understanding everything, interrupting me to add some important accomplishment of the journey and just relaxing before going to her bed and kiss goodnight thinking about the adventures the next day will bring. So magical that we decided to celebrate these two years of happiness in the fantasy world of Walt Disney.

We went to Magic Kingdom Park and basically stick to Fantasyland around the Cinderella castle, trying to match the most appropriate attractions for her age. The weather was great with a nice breeze left from the close passage of the hurricane Irene a couple of days ago. It was good until it started to rain intensively as you can see from the *ghosts*, sorry from the people with white ponchos running around in the pictures above. It was actually refreshing if it wasn’t for the soaked stroller we found after leaving some ride. Among the girl’s favorite attractions were “It’s a Small World”, the meet-and-greet with the princesses Aurora, Cinderella and Belle, the antique “Prince Charming Carrousel” where after two rides she was still not convinced to leave her horse and “Dumbo, the Flying Elephant”. “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” was a quick fun ride but we should have paid more attention to the title on “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” because, as we found out, the evil queen, the darkness, the sounds and the witch were not that pleasant for a little girl to experience. Let’s just say I felt her heart beating super fast.

For lunch, and since it started to rain suddenly we picked a nearby Fantasyland restaurant. But I have to say: Pinocchio you lied to me! Ok, maybe didn’t lie but induced me in error. When I saw in our map the Pinocchio Village Haus had sandwiches, pasta, pizza, chicken, salads and kids menu options I thought that would accommodate all different tastes. What I found out was a fast food service with only one option per type; one pasta, one pizza and so on. That was disappointing but I should have known better and previously pick the restaurant carefully. The best on the menu for me and the girl were the packed fresh grapes. Maybe next time we’ll try the Cinderella Royal Table or other character dining in hope for a real meal. Another meal flop was at the Golden Oak Outpost in Frontierland where I thought a vegetable flatbread would be a good idea for my still not satisfied stomach. Wrong, the flatbread tasted terrible and it was soggy from the canned black beans sauce. A total waste.

Nevertheless, the good times kept rolling and I couldn’t believe the girl was up and laughing for the Main Street Electrical Parade at 9 pm. We even saw the fireworks and before entering the car to finally return home she was still asking for more. It was also a nice time to bond with one side of her grandparents. Lots of laughs and moments were shared. So memorable that it took us the whole Sunday to recover from all the fun.

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7 Responses to A Special Birthday at Disney

  1. I have to admit, though I landed on your mango ice cream post, I absolutely had to come to this post because my husband and I are WDW fanatics. We’ve gone the last 3 years at this time of year (our anniversary is 9/19 – we went for honeymoon & 1st too anniversaries). It’s so odd to not be planning a trip this year…

    Anyway, I’m so sorry it rained – even though storms tend to not last too long there, at least not all day, and I can see that was the case.

    Snow White IS scary! We went on a couple of years ago just because we had time to kill and there was no line, and we commented to each other when we left the ride that it hardly seemed suitable for small kids.

    Just warning you, if you want to go to Cinderella’s Table, you have to make reservations several months in advance. Wanted to make sure you’re aware! :)

    • Indeed, it was a sudden intense rain but it only last for an hour or so. After that it was great again.
      Yes, we are totally aware of Snow White scary ride now, not to repeat with small children.
      Have you tried the Cinderella’s Table? How is the food? Next time, I really need to plan the meals in advance, but several months seems complicated. We’ll see.
      Thank you for your comment and info.

  2. I am sure that your daughter enjoyed every minute, in spite of the rain. This is a great place to take kids-it has been years since I have been there but it has not been forgotten. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Elle at #

    Aww, what a sweet day for a sweet girl! Sorry that the food wasn’t up to par, though!

  4. Carolyn at #

    Such a sweet post!

  5. We just got back from our family vacation at Disneyworld. A magical place indeed at any age. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. A very belated birthday to your daughter, Teresa. Beautiful moments indeed! I think you will be making her smile when she can read your words someday:)