Mangoland Series: Tropical Skewers

What a Summer it is! The thermometer in the balcony has just reached 114 F. It feels like someone turned on a sauna outside 24 hours a day. I’m certainly not a good Floridian on this, I just can’t stand this kind of heat. So, while I’m feeling uncomfortable breathing whenever I leave any air conditioning environment, I live happily ever after staying indoors. Or moving from place to place, meaning from air conditioning place to another air conditioning place, whether it is a car, store, gym, museum, any place where I can stay fresh. And breathe. Late afternoons are a good time to hit the beach or the pool and stay close to the water. But what to do with a kid in the house? Lots of things. For example, this morning we already played football (or soccer if you are American) with soft little balls like this. No harmful for the furniture and it’s great to run around if you have a large space. My daughter is improving her kicking skills and she’s learning how to pass a ball. Next, we rode a bike, or tricycle in this case along the long hallway from the front door to the living room and around the open kitchen walls. Easy and a great exercise that helps with balance, hand and eye coordination and strengthens muscles and bones. Not only it is a good exercise for the body, but engages the mind as well. Of course, it would be much better doing it in the fresh air and sun, but we’ll wait for the fresh air to come. The advantage of being indoor in this case is beside avoiding the heat, we’re preventing a dehydration. Other fun play is doing puzzles. I like this wooden jigsaw puzzle, crafted by hand and made with solid wood. These are just three ideas for a fun morning.

In what concerns to eating habits during this season, it’s always better to choose light and fresh meals, easy to prepare. These tropical skewers are a good option for an appetizer. Easy to assemble and grilled for just about 5 minutes. For seasoning, I simply used olive oil to coat the ingredients. The fruits will release their natural sugar and juices and the jalapeño pepper will spice it up a bit. Being this post part of the Mangoland Series, I inevitably used local mangoes together with other fruits. Colorful, pretty and tasteful. It’s nice when life can be uncomplicated.

Tropical Skewers

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 5 minutes

Serves 6 (2 per person)

half pineapple, cut in little squares

1 medium mango, cut in little squares

about 18 grape tomatoes, cut in half

1 jalapeño pepper, cut in little squares and seeds removed

12 skewers

extra virgin olive oil to brush

Pre-heat the grill.

Arrange the fruit and pepper in the skewers, alternating each one. Example: pineapple, tomato, jalapeño, mango, tomato, jalapeño, mango, pineapple, tomato.

Brush each skewer with extra virgin olive oil.

If using double-sided grill (like a George Foreman) takes about 5 minutes.

For a single-sided grill, grill 5 minutes on your side, turn around and grill more 5 minutes.

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5 Responses to Mangoland Series: Tropical Skewers

  1. Jeanette at #

    114 degrees! Wow, that’s hot! Glad you are able to find so many indoor activities and staying out of the heat. These tropical fruit skewers sound so refreshing for this hot weather.

  2. 114 degrees actually makes us feel good about the “chilly” 90s here in Malaysia. Hope the heat breaks soon for you. At least it’s mango season and you can make all these great tropical fruit recipes. How long does the mango season go in Florida?

    P.S. We just experienced some Portuguese culture in Penang. The ‘Coro de Câmara de Lisboa’ held a concert here last night. They had amazing voices, and even sang a local Malaysian song.

    • I think the mango season goes until September.
      How nice that you went to that concert! They are very active and famous around the world. I think they choose the countries that had a connection with Portugal since the 16th century, like yours. I like that they symbolize a gesture of friendship towards all the people and cultures that are tied to Portugal through all our epic historical inter-influence.

  3. And I thought it was hot here in New Jersey when it got just over 100 degrees! What a lovely refreshing summer dish.

  4. That looks like a great dish to beat the heat. We are heading down there in a week. I hope it cools off a little. We are well into the 100’s in NC too. Oh fall where are you. Come over and visit. We have a wonderful Southern favorite today.