Delicious Wordflux Interviewed by Season with Spice

Guincho - Cascais

There are many valuable reasons for blogging. One of the greatest is to interact with people from all over the world. It’s an everyday learning process and an inspiration to discover new worlds. This crowd of people connects with each other and shares amazing stories and, in what concerns to food, welcomes the whole world into their kitchen. Many times, releasing secret recipes only shared orally through several generations within the family. It is a pleasure to be part of this world, contributing with my stories and my cultural background and learning so much from others.


During this week my good friends Reese and Mark at Season with Spice are inviting their readers to discover Portugal through Delicious Wordflux. As an honorable featured blogger representative of the Portuguese culture on the New Spice Route in the 21st century I was happy to be invited to share my recipes on their site. If you visit their website, you’ll be pleased to find colorful plates submitted by food bloggers from different corners of the world, showing their cultural history and especially their culture of food. Spices are the motto for the shared recipes and the site presents a list of spices that can be shown in this culinary journey, as well as a wise definition of what can be consider a spice. Be aware, navigating through their website you’ll be defying your taste buds with a myriad of flavors. In sum, you’ll be invited to season with spice.

So, as part of the culinary and cultural journey presented by Season with Spice, I was interviewed for their blog. It was a pleasant conversation, where by introducing myself and the country I was born and grew up, I was able to travel through my experience and, of course, through some traditional Portuguese dishes.

I shared pictures and revived memories that made me deeply feel the meaning of the word “saudade”, missing so many people and places. From Braga, one of the oldest christian cities in the world, I recalled how nice it is to walk around the city center, where only pedestrians are allowed. People are very kind and always cheerful and the city enjoys innumerable outdoor cafes where people socialize and spend a relaxed end of afternoon while make plans for the evening. There are a lot of elaborated gardens and parks and many sightseeing.


Naturally the main subject was the delicious dishes Portugal has to offer from North to South. And what better option to serve with all the regional richness than a good wine from one of the demarcated regions? Like the worldwide known Douro, the oldest wine region in the world.

Porto Wine Cellar

We talked about ingredients, spices, the role of Portugal on the Spice Trade since the 15th century and a short-list of must-see places in Portugal to experience culture and food. You can read all the interview here.

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8 Responses to Delicious Wordflux Interviewed by Season with Spice

  1. What a wonderful post with amazing pictures. Wow!

  2. Carolyn at #

    Congrats on the interview and representing Portugal. For my take on it, you did a fantastic job!

  3. Thank you Carolina and Carolyn! :)

  4. Hi Teresa,

    Thank you again for introducing Portugal on Season with Spice, and for representing the country on the New Spice Route. We hope the stories and images you shared with us and our readers, were only the start of the Culinary & Cultural journey through your homeland, and that you continue it on Delicious Wordflux. We can’t wait to learn and experience more of Portugal!

    P.S. Can we request a post about the different wines of Portugal?

    • My pleasure Mark & Reese! It is fun to work with you guys.
      Oh, the wine! Certainly that’s a good subject that I would like to detailed with nice pictures as well. Will figure it out how to do that in a future post, thanks for the suggestion! :)

  5. So nice to meet you Teresa :) Nice post, nice pictures and surely nice Portugal!
    Portugal and it’s dishes has been (for a few years) on my TO DO list :) Thank you for this amazing post :)

    • Teresa at #

      Thank you Maja. I hope you can risk Portugal from your TO DO list really soon, in the best sense! :)