Butterfly Rainforest

Hundreds of exotic butterflies. A tropical garden of luscious plants and trees. The relaxing sound of little cascades and a lake featuring some fishes and turtles. Are you feeling the gentle spring breeze in your face? Come with me into this vibrant Butterfly Rainforest.

It happened one recent Sunday. Through the walking path, we experienced a close encounter with around 60 to 80 Lepidoptera species free-flying in this wide screened enclosure. Sometimes, when we less expected one butterfly lands in our shoulder, arm or head or whenever they find an interesting spot, especially if we wear vivid colors, as we were told. This is a delightful and serene place to spend one morning or afternoon.

The Florida Museum’s Butterfly Rainforest permanent exhibit is part of the Florida Museum of Natural History, located on the University of Florida Campus in Gainesville. In this open environment cameras are welcome and you can point to all the beauty around you and shoot as please.

And so we did. We enjoyed a couple of hours in this colorful garden of butterflies, watching them flying around, taking pictures while they landed in some flowers and observing them eating bananas and mangos. I like their food choice.

Check that brown species down here. Moving the wings a certain way it resembles an owl. Curious.

All the butterflies come to the museum in their chrysalis stage from farms in the Philippines, Malaysia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Suriname, Ecuador, Belize and Florida. On Saturdays and Sundays at certain hours, there are butterfly releases, with some insights about their behavior, for the amusement of children and adults.

In case you want to attract a few butterflies to your home, there are butterfly-friendly plants for sale outside the museum front entrance. By the amount of people we saw around there, seems many was interested to have new flying little pets. Or at least some updated plants in the garden. Pretty plants, graceful butterflies, a lovely day.

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  1. What wonderful pictures. Just breathtaking!