Go Discovery!

On the final journey of the space shuttle Discovery and its six astronauts into orbit, we decided to watch the launch from our balcony. No traffic, not too many people, just us and our camera in the balcony, comfortably waiting.

We were following the updates on NASA TV and though in the pad seemed to be clear sky we had a little fog and clouds at the beach.

These are the pictures we took at the exact distance we were from the launch pad. Of course, to watch it live is so much more thrilling than looking at these past images. The beach was crowded and everybody was in suspense during the last minutes countdown to see if this will be a go for Discovery.

We had liftoff at 4:53 PM and by now the shuttle and the six astronauts are safely in orbit. It was the 39th launch for the oldest of the space shuttles and the 133rd mission overall. When it returns in 11 days probably will be put on display in a museum. But for now, Discovery is still reaching for the stars.

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3 Responses to Go Discovery!

  1. So super cool!!! I remember watching one from Cape Carnaval and the ground shook…..

  2. Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures. I loved living in Florida and getting to see that. I sure miss that. It is an awesome sight!

  3. Manu at #

    What a gret experience!!!