Home Spa

I had a terrific morning on New Year’s Day. What best way to greet the New Year than indulge myself in a home spa?

My gentle husband was kind enough to take our sweet daughter for a walk in the beach and let mama here alone to enjoy a relaxing  and reinvigorate jacuzzi. The warm scent of the candles and the sound of hot water running in the bathroom were preparing my senses for a zen session.

Then I turned the whirlpool on: heaven arrived!

Plus a green tea and bergamot bath bag, the perfect addition.

Not that I didn’t have also a great sea view…

I also made my favorite body scrub for the next step: the shower. Simple recipe, one tablespoon of honey and another of sugar. My skin says thank you.

And with that I’m ready for a year full of holistic health, well-being and enlightening challenges.

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2 Responses to Home Spa

  1. Nice way to start 2011! What’s simpler than sugar and honey??

  2. Oohhh…that looks like one step below heaven. I can’t believe you have such a beautiful waterfront view! That must be lovely to wake up to.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2011! :)