Roasted Vegetables

Today I had to do a hurry lunch. Hubby decided to come home around noon and I usually never eat before 1 pm; plus I was not even thinking about food or lunch whatsoever. I was dealing with a sleepless little girl and figuring out why the delivery guy knocked on the door but didn’t left the package I was waiting for. Well, it turned out I didn’t answer as quickly as I was supposed to after only one knock and when I went to the door he had already ran away. Literally. Now, he’ll be back tomorrow and I hopefully will get my box.

Anyway, about the lunch issue one look inside the fridge and a meal was conceived. Roasted vegetables would be! Never fails and it’s always delicious, especially when the weather is unexpectedly offering freezing temperatures outside.

Vegetables chosen: rutabaga, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomato, turnip greens (chopped) onion, garlic.

Seasonings: extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, basil, sesame seeds, salt.

Before spreading the cut vegetables in the baking sheet, I mix all in a big bowl with the seasonings to allow the vegetables to get well moist.

Like the rutabaga here:

This picture was before I added the sesame seeds – a last minute thought just for the kicks.

After all spread in the sheet, 30 minutes in the oven pre-heat to 450F and it’s a go!

The final take looks like this. Yum yum!

I love the part of the vegetables that get crispy and caramelized. It’s so good! This dish can offer many variations, choosing the vegetables of your preference. Here’s one time I just did carrots, broccoli, onions and garlic as a side dish.

Or this other time with turnips, tomato, sweet potatoes and these fashionable purple potatoes!

Sorry about the flash on this one. It was dinner…

How about you? Do you cook roasted vegetables often? What’s your preference?

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4 Responses to Roasted Vegetables

  1. So yummy. These look absolutely heavenly. Normally I roast vegetables (chilies, onions, zucchini, tomato) to go into something else. I don’t think I’ve roasted to just nosh as is. ;)

  2. Looks delicious! I like roasting veggies. I recently discovered roasting beets. I knew you could do it but I didn’t realize how easy it was and how great they turn out. Your pictures are making me hungry!!!


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