Applesauce (baby food)

Once in a while, people ask me about the food I prepare for my little girl. Although applesauce is very simple to make, I see there are several ways to cook it. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share my way. If you don’t have babies, you can scroll down to the next post, those roasted vegetables from last week were incredible.

Five items are needed here: apples (I use only organic and my favorites are the royal gala), water, a steam pan, a blender and containers for the applesauce and for the juice.

Juice, you say? That’s right, nothing is to waste here and the juice created from the draining nutrients of the apples into the water is my baby’s favorite juice. Not that she drinks any other, but she loves this apple juice. And I love that she gets those extra vitamins and minerals.

The process is super easy: wash, peel and cut the apples. Put them on the top part of the steamer with water on the bottom part and cook on medium heat for around 1 hour or until the apples are tender.

Then blend all the apples together with some added water from the bottom (depending how thick you like the sauce) and you got it!

Then, I let it cool completely and divide through the baby little containers and freeze it until ready to use.


I save the juice in another container to keep in the fridge for every time she needs a drink other than plain water. So healthy and simple!

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2 Responses to Applesauce (baby food)

  1. I don’t have any kids, but I want to be able to make their baby food when the times comes. I definitely admire your efforts toward your child’s nutrition!

    • Thank you! I prepare all the food from scratch and she eats very healthy and I’m happy that she’s a good eater and loves everything I do for her (so far lol) :)