Grilled Fish, Papa Style

On weekends I more or less take a vacation from the kitchen area. At least I try too… or I would like too. Have a break from the routine. Don’t take me wrong, I enjoy cooking, I like to reinvent recipes, follow ideas and make them my own. In a word, I do it my way. I guess everybody does it, right? Even if you strictly follow all the guiding details, the final result is always your style. Has your hand on it, your special way of putting things together, your final touch and from that evolves your piece of art.

It’s interesting to see that even if many times you prefer your own cookings, a nice home meal well prepared by others usually tastes divine. It’s increasingly better if the other person who make that lunch or dinner knows your taste so well and uses ingredients approved by you. Approved sounds too picky? Well, you can say I’m that kind of person, there’s things I simply refuse to put on my mouth and less on my stomach. Nevertheless I consider myself a good fork. I like to eat…. good food.

With that being said, I especially savor those rare moments when the daddy of the house takes charge of the kitchen and magically prepares a meal. Many times, that happens by invitation only, but it still feels like a banquet. I’m in the process of trying to convince him that he’s more than welcome to do that every single weekend, so he can masterpiece his great skills. Because there is a chef in ‘brut’, waiting to be dilapidated. He just might not know it yet.

Last time that happened, we enjoy a grilled fish with his sauce creation, sided by a comfortable toasted baguette with melted cheese and the perfect red wine pairing.

Even if some chefs would gasp of the sight of mixing cheese and fish, I’m more open minded on that subject. In this particular case, it was heavenly!

The sauce consisted of sauteed onions, garlic and tomato in olive oil, oregano and blackened redfish blend spices. He prepared that incorporated in some water until it was totally reduced.

In the meantime, mahi-mahi fish was being grilled also in the blackened blend.

Fish and sauce were put together…

And then the warm cheesed baguette…

The zinfandel wine was a plus.

So good! I’m ready to repeat this more often ;)

Grilled Fish, Papa Style
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  1. Tomato
  2. Onion
  3. Garlic
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Salt
  6. Oregano
  7. Blackened redfish blend
  1. Mahi-mahi with blackened redfish blend grilled around 12 minutes.
  1. In a skillet saute all the chopped ingredients above (tomato, onion, garlic) in a little amount of water, olive oil and oregano, until totally reduced.
  2. Grill the mahi-mahi around 12 minutes.
  3. Serve with the sauce topping and some warm baguette (french style bread) with melted cheese.
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